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HER Life Journey

HER Life Journey is dedicated to building self-worth and independence for women who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, and addiction. Through one-on-one peer support, transformative beauty treatments, and an ongoing sisterhood of support, our mission is to empower women so they may thrive and live a prosperous life.


Community provides us with a sense of belonging and makes us feel that we are a part of something greater than ourselves.


When faced with pain and fear, we courageously make choices from our values and pursue the life we were destined to live.

Lived Experience

Dignifying lived experience calls for a deeper understanding--to hear and learn from each woman’s story.

HER Story

Becky is an example of what is possible when committed to sobriety. Over the past two years, Becky has secured a full-time job, is renting her own place, signed up for beauty school, and most importantly, she regained custody of her three boys.
Michelle’s love for God is pushing her to make a difference in this world. She started a ministry within a homeless outreach program and is sharing the gospel with those she once ran the streets with.
Debbie is the ultimate success story. Through HLJ’s peer support, not only did Debbie rebuild her life and achieve her educational goals, but her daughter also began her journey towards sobriety and completely transformed her life too.
Ide’s love for Jesus, combined with her determined nature has set her on a new path to transform her life. Her commitment to sobriety has enabled her to secure a stable home, reunify with her daughter, receive promotions at work, and step into her natural leadership skills.

Our Supporters


Elena Rosas, Executive Director

Elena Rosas is an entrepreneur and the founder and Executive Director of HER Life Journey. She was born and raised in the Colonia neighborhood in Oxnard, California, and is second-generation Mexican American.

Elena’s humble beginnings taught her to value a hard day’s work, while at the same time recognizing that if she wanted a different future, she needed to take greater risks. As she ventured into the hair industry and left her community of Oxnard, she invested in her education at some of the best academies in New York and Canada, becoming certified as a Master Colorist, Master Hair Stylist, Balayage Specialist, and most recently certified in the Hair Dreams Extensions.

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